If you have you ever had the feeling like your battle with cystic acne, hormonal acne or just persistent dermatitis was an ongoing battle that you are constantly losing, this one woman has proven to triumphantly succeed at her own personal skin care struggles and proves it's possible. I'd like to introduce you to author, health coach and former beauty editor Jolene Hart.  

"When it comes to acne, it’s really a sign from your body that something’s out of balance. It could be stress, it could be diet, it could be hormones, digestion, or food allergies. But it’s never just happening out of the blue."

This month's B.I.G. Series, we sit down with Jolene Hart author of Eat Pretty, a book that illustrates the powerful connection between nutrition and beauty. Through her company Beauty Is Wellness, she teaches and educates individuals how food can help heal and address both beauty and health concerns like low energy, weight gain, healthy aging, acne and more with simple changes in your every day diet. In her book, she discusses eating seasonally, eating intentionally and includes delicious beautifying recipes with simple cooking instructions.

If you haven't realized it yet, I'm a huge fan of Jolene Hart and couldn't wait to share her message and passion with you. I know you'll enjoy our girl chat below where she shares the secret to conquering your skin care woes and how she balances being a business women, wife and mommy. Plus, she shares her new book called Eat Pretty, Live Well, a guided journal that helps keep you on track with your beauty goals. 

Smoothie, tea or coffee girl?

Smoothies and herbal tea. As a child, my parents always made a pot of tea for us to share before bed and the tea habit stuck for me! It’s one of my favorite ways to slow down for a moment.

Favorite beauty ritual?

I’m obsessed with masks. I always feel like I’m doing something so fabulous for my skin when I wear them. Of course, it depends on the mask. I love gentle enzymatic exfoliants with ingredients like honey, pineapple and papaya.

Favorite guilty pleasure?  

It is too cliche to say dark chocolate? Actually, I don’t feel guilty about chocolate. I guess my guilty pleasure is a monthly massage. I started doing that this year and I still feel guilty about the cost, but it’s incredibly therapeutic for hormonal balance, immunity, lymph flow, and an overall mood boost and stress reduction! It’s my healthy splurge.

Flats or heels?

Heels all the way. I always feel my best in heels, but I’m a mom so I also spend a whole lot of time in flats.

What started it all?

Sheer desperation! Seriously, I got to a point where I was so desperate to heal my persistent skin issues—cystic acne and eczema were the worst—that's when I started really experimenting with my diet to see if there was any nutritional connection to my skin. Sure enough, there was, and the connection was major. I was working as a beauty editor at the time and wanted women to know that there was a whole other side to beauty that we weren’t being educated about.

Can you elaborate on the connection between food and your skin?  Any advice for individuals who struggling with acne?

Absolutely—think for a moment that the food you eat actually breaks down and becomes your body on a molecular level. You want that food to be the absolute best it can be, because the results you see in the mirror reflect that. When it comes to acne, it’s really a sign from your body that something’s out of balance. It could be stress, it could be diet, it could be hormones, digestion, or food allergies. But it’s never just happening out of the blue. As a starting point, try writing down your meals in a food diary to reflect on what you’re really eating, since we often conveniently overlook foods that could be irritating our skin! 

 "I got to a point where I was so desperate to heal my persistent skin issues—cystic acne and eczema were the worst..."

What’s your thoughts about aging and “try to maintain a youthful appearance”?

‘Maintaining youth’ feels a bit like an exhausting fight—we’re all aging, so let’s find a way to look our best and feel like our best selves in the process. Of course there are powerful ways to slow down the aging process and age gracefully and gently. They involve nutrition and self-care as much as your mindset. If you can combine the three—beautifying nutrition, natural beauty products and self-care practices, and a positive, youthful mindset—you have the not-so-secret formula!

At Jacq’s Organics, we’re all about overcoming fear and living in the moment. If you don’t mind, what’s a fear you’ve conquered and kicked ass at or even failed at that changed you?

Honestly, I was terrified of having a child. I always knew I wanted to be a mom but actually making the decision to have a baby was something I kept putting off. I’m the oldest of four children, so I think I just remembered there being an overwhelming amount of needs to meet for a child, and I feared not being able to keep up with it all. And now, on the other side, there are moments where I’m like ‘I’m doing it! It wasn’t so hard at all!’’ and then other moments when I think ‘I definitely could have handled that better.’ You mention living in the moment, and I’ve become better at that too, as well as being present, thanks to my son. With lots of concerted effort, of course.

How do you manage being a wife, mommy and a business woman?

It requires constantly adjusting and re-adjusting the balance. It’s never straightforward. Sometimes my son gets my complete attention for days at a time, then other times he goes to have a sleepover at grandma’s so I can write furiously for 48 hours and make progress on a book manuscript. I’m always trying to make sure everyone gets their needs met, but of course the challenge is making enough time to meet my own self-care needs after that. Having a wonderful partner and a tight family makes it all possible, because it really does take a village.

What next for you? What can we expect from Jolene in 2016?

Two more Eat Pretty books are coming in 2016! I’m so excited for these, because they take the Eat Pretty approach to beauty and food and put it into practice, in a very real, practical, personal way. The first book, out April 5, is a guided journal called Eat Pretty, Live Well that helps you identify, set, and achieve beauty goals and reflect on ways that you can build beauty nutrition more fully into your life. The second, out in October 2016, offers daily inspiration for building your lifestyle of beauty—from recipes to challenges to important studies on the nutrition-beauty link. Just lots of wonderful inspiration ahead!

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I hope you enjoyed this interview just as much as we did. Click here to get your copy of her informative and amazing books Eat Pretty and Eat Pretty, Live Well. Plus she has a FREE download for 10 Easy Things To Do To Start Eating Pretty when you sign up for her newsletter. Can't beat that!





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