Carrot con Leche - A Multi-Cultural Celebration

Carrot con Leche. If ever a product name tells a story about its maker, it’s this one. It sounds delicious enough to make us want to pour it all over ourselves! And we can and do thanks to Jacq’s Organics bar soap and toning mist.

The words, a hybrid of English and Spanish, fuse together the multi-cultural approach to beauty and skincare that lends a unique flavor to each of the Jacq’s Organics formulas. But it’s the dynamic Barbara Jacques that infuses the brand with her effervescent personality that’s as organic as the ingredients.

Barbara’s diverse ethnicity—a synthesis of Haitian, Afro-Hispanic, Floridian, and Caribbean flair—shines in Carrot con Leche, a celebration of her mixed heritage.

Though a Miami woman at heart, Barbara describes the way her Haitian parents taught her about the importance of drinking fresh carrot juice to enhance glowing skin and to help minimize the appearance of acne scars during her teenage years.

“I have the fondest memories on the island of Haiti learning how to make fresh carrot juice and using the pulp as a face mask,” she says.

“Carrots are very important when it comes to skin care to a Caribbean woman,” she explains. “Carrots are used to naturally combat acne, help hyperpigmentation and [are] ideal for mature skin. It's often used because of the skin lightening properties and the many skin loving nutrients found that also help with skin cell regeneration.”

Staying true to her roots is a value to Barbara who also loves a traditional café con leche as part of her morning routine in Miami.

The Cuban coffee, or cafecito, is a time-honored ritual, and it doesn’t matter where a person is from because “it’s really, really good coffee,” she says. “It's very Miami and speaks to the Latin influence here.”

“When creating our collection,” she continues, “I wanted to stay true to Miami and my Caribbean culture.” Barbara combines the carrots and leche (milk in Spanish) to create a product that feeds nutrients to the skin, as well as tones and helps improve the complexion.  

Since the brand is vegan, organic rice milk replaced cow’s milk and was chosen for its conditioning and natural skin lightening properties.

"When creating our collection...I wanted to stay true to Miami and my Caribbean culture." Barbara Jacques, Jacq's Organics CEO & Founder

Most of the ingredients are sourced locally to support Floridian farmers and ensure freshness. Many of those farmers have become friends, since Barbara is usually the one who chooses the juiciest and ripest picks of the crops.

“Combining carrots and organic rice milk and adding the Miami Spanish flair, we created the Carrot con Leche cleansing bar,” she says.

And we are muy contento, très kontan, very happy that this bubbly Haitian, Afro-Hispanic, Floridian did.

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Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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Pedro Louis
Pedro Louis

June 27, 2016

I am a first time writer to this website although I have know about the product for about 3 years now. My first experience was a sample soap and that worked great for my skin because I have a very oily T zone. I didn’t go further because quite frankly I am a male and self care if I may call it that was last on my list. Recently I changed professions to where my physical appreance is all I have to go in with. So it is critical that I am at 100% at all times. To date I have the back fancy detox soap chocolate soap carrot soap and myrrh infused soap. Not to mention the Shea cream. Anyone who knows me knows I am about results and this company’s products get RESULTS! I challenge anyone to compare it to any other product they use and watch and see. 5 stars.

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