Floral hydrosols 101

It’s official! Summer is finally here and we can’t wait to start soaking up some sun and relaxing. With the summer sun comes a new skin care routine! It is so important to prevent our skin from drying out, and one of the best (and most natural ways) to do that is by utilizing floral hydrosols. This may sound like some super complicated beauty product, but hydrosols are really just the byproduct of essential oil distillation and contain water-soluble properties of the plants used! In simpler terms, they are referred to as floral waters (which is essentially what they are). Hydrosols are the perfect natural ingredient to restore your skin to its most beautiful state!

But the big question is: why should you use products containing these floral hydrosols?

They are far less harsh than alcohol based products and will leave your skin feeling less irritated. It is so important to use natural products like hydrosols because not only will they leave your skin feeling refreshed, but exposing your skin to these plant properties is immensely helpful when it comes to taking care of your body.

Are you using an astringent or witch hazel as a face toner? Witch hazel might be commonly used but it can dry out your skin causing it to look dull or you may even have dry patches on your face. Astringents may sting and burn the skin. We heard beauty was pain, but geez!

Floral waters are naturally enriched with vitamins and nutrients derived from the plant or flower it's distilled from. Available in roses, calendula, lavender, rosemary and more. For example, peppermint hydrosols are rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins A and C all vital nutrients that feed the skin. Plus, it's cooling and refreshing when used on the skin.

We love the natural glow and moisture hydrosols provide, which is why we use them in our two toners! We carry a Balancing Carrot con Leche Toner, containing a peppermint hydrosol, and a Revitalizing Sweet Orange Toner, containing neroli (a type of orange hydrosol).

The peppermint hydrosol in our Carrot con Leche Face Toner is distilled from fresh peppermint leaves. This helps to restore your skin’s natural pH balance, keep your skin hydrated, and provides your skin with magnesium, potassium and minerals needed in order to stay healthy. The neroli found in our Sweet Orange Face Toner is super sweet smelling, rich in vitamin C plus the scent is extremely revitalizing during hot summer days. 

Neroli is also antimicrobial, rich in antioxidant that works to improve your skin’s elasticity and can even boost your circulation! Ideal for aging and congested skin types. With either product, you are sure to see a difference in the clearness and overall appearance of your skin! Your skin will definitely thank you for feeding it these natural and organic ingredients!



Our toners are formulated to be multi-functional and doubles as a beauty mist. Our 2oz Carrot con Leche Face Toners and Sweet Orange Face Toners are the perfect travel size for your purse, travel bag or makeup bag. Feel free to spritz your face and your skin throughout the day.


Keep happy, healthy, and safe this summer!





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