My Escape to France

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A few years ago, while traveling abroad in the south of France, I became enchanted with the local street markets and the abundant batches, bundles, sachets of fresh lavender that pleasantly tantalized the senses.

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After visiting the historical and famous country and raving to all my friends and family about my new found love for lavender and all things French. I soon discovered that I was not alone. Like myself, I found that many friends and family found lavender to be soothing, therapeutic and the sweet fresh floral scent was delightful. I created the Lavender Love Cleansing Bar a month after my travels. Fast forward 2 years, my beloved Lavender Love Bar started to get lost alongside our other soap bars including Carrot con Leche, Fancy Detox and the Sweet Orange Soap Bar. I want to share with the world, my love for lavender and the amazing healing properties that it renders. But…more importantly I want to share that piece of France that I discovered and made my own. Each bar contains our French lavender-infused buds. But something was still missing. So, I decided to give my beloved Lavender Love soap bar a little makeover.

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I wanted to add an ingredient that wouldn’t distract or take away from the aromatic healing soap bar. Since I tend to gravitate towards our Lavender Love Cleansing bar when its bath time for my little one. Colloidal oatmeal was an ideal ingredient. It’s extremely moisturizing, rich in vitamins and minerals, perfect for sensitive skin and the oats are great for exfoliating even on a child’s delicate skin. My beloved Lavender Love Cleansing Bar got a little makeover this past spring.

I wanted to share with you my inspiration for creating the Lavender Love Cleansing Bar. I know that you will enjoy our NEW Lavender Love Cleansing Bar as much as we do.

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Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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