5 Reasons To Use a Toner

To ensure a happy healthy skin with minimal breakouts, smaller pores, reduce signs of aging and toxin build-up a toner is here to help.


Here’s 5 Reasons to Use a Toner

1. Bye Bye Large Acne & Pores.  Yes, acne and large pores are annoying and here’s how toners can help.  When pores are enlarged, your skin is more exposed to dirt, debris, oils and grime resulting in aging and breakouts. Toners work to close your pores. What this means is less breakouts, smoother skin, clearer complexion and smaller pores.

2. Ph balance. Our skin naturally has a ph balance of 5 or 6. However, after cleansing, the ph balance changes due to acidity levels of a cleanser. Toners are formulated to restore the ph balance back into the skin. Restoring the ph balance in our skin protects from infections and helps balance oil production.

3.  Detoxifying.  With environmental toxins including smog, smoke, free-radicals, just to name a few, we need all the help we can get that will help protect our skin from all the above. Using a toner, not only, helps with the appearance of skin texture but it also helps detoxify skin from the environmental toxins. Toners are formulated with vitamins and nutrients to safely and gently remove grime, oil build-up and dead skin cells. This is vital for acne-prone, combination and oily skin types because it keeps acne and blemishes at bay.

4. Toning & Moisturizing. When formulated without alcohol, toners are naturally moisturizing. Especially , when the toner contains skin nourishing essential oils, vitamins and minerals that help tone and maintain suppleness and elasticity. Toners works to prep the skin for face moisturizers.  When a moisturizer is applied to the skin, the moisturizer penetrates the layer of the skin to provide hydration.

5. Multi-functional. Since toners are formulated to remove excess dirt, oils, residue and grime, it’s not uncommon to use toner on other parts of your body that’s also prone to breakouts including chest and back.  Jacq’s Organics Face Toners are formulated without harsh preservatives or alcohol so it doubles as a face and body mist, hair spritzer and even an air freshener.

Feel free to keep the  a bottle near by to freshen up your makeup mid-day at work, in your car or, spritz you skin and hair. Since all of our toners are formulated with neroli and peppermint hydrosols (by-product of steamed distilled plant materials), when sprayed onto the skin it feels crisp, refreshing and invigorating. Combined with a essential oils, it’s perfect for the hot summer days.

toner orange 
Also available in travel size, making it the perfect size for a purse or travel bag.

Remember, if you have dry, oily, combination, aging, normal or acne-prone skin, there are varies toners formulated specifically for your skin type. Click over to our main shop page and shop our collection of toners available in Lavender Love, Sweet Orange and Carrot con Leche. Find out which one is formulated for your skin type.

Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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