DIY Detox Face Masque

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 Feel free to use on skin and hair

Hello clear healthy skin. As one of the eldest healing minerals on earth, clay’s have been used for centuries to remove dead skin cells, remove toxins, combat pimples and blackheads to reveal a smooth glowing skin.

Often referred to as an all-natural alpha hydroxy peel, clay’s are rich in minerals, iron, calcium, silicon, magnesium and not as harsh on the skin as chemical based peels. It’s a perfect solution for acne prone, dull, oily-combination and aging skin. It’s also a great excuse or reason to unwind and give yourself a lush pampering  treatment after a long work day.




Combine ingredients in a small bowl. Mix, mix and mix.  Allow ingredients to sit for 20 minutes to allow ingredients to sit for 15 minutes to allow concoction to come together. Apply to skin and leave for 15-30 minutes. Wash face with warm water  for clean glowing skin. Follow with “dry” face oil or moisturizer.

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Using a purifying mask is an effective and lush way to relieve inflamed and irritated skin. You can also use Jacq’s Organics Green Smoothie Face Masque & Scrub alone with a couple tablespoons of water. Lucky for you our hand-crafted face masque and scrub is enriched with Tamanu oil, Sea Kelp powder and Bentonite clay all ingredients hand-picked to treat acne, absorb oils and toxins all while leaving your skin feeling soft and silky.

Feel free to email us or leave a comment below after trying our nutrient rich DIY face mask above. We love to hear from you.


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Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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