A Stroll Through Viscaya Gardens

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Whether you live in Miami or if you are just visiting, in addition, to the beautiful beaches, cool restaurants and hot night clubs, there’s also one place you have to stopby and visit. If you can find the time between sitting by the sea, shopping and eating, you must visit one of South Florida’s Historic landmarks, the Viscaya (Bel Viscaya) Museum and Gardens We decided to spend the afternoon on this beautiful estate and wanted to share the beauty of the estate with you.

Here’s a few quick facts. This beautiful home was built by James Deering, an international Harvestor. Like most snowbirds, Deering lived in the northern part of the country, Maine, and spent his winters in South Florida where he built this home. The construction of the home began in 1910 and was completed in 1922 and sits on the waterfront of Biscayne Bay overlooking the Florida keys. As you walk through the home, you will find a beautifully decorated mesh of old Italian, Greek, French and even Asian interior design including European antiques, murals and statues. It’s definitely a “must see”.

Iv garden

On our visit to Deering’s home, we enjoyed an interesting and informative tour, but became enchanted by the massively beautiful plush gardens filled with Grecian statues, fountains, exotic plants, secret gardens and more.

secret garden

viscaya past and present

 Photo on the left from Flickr 
viscaya 1
Panoramic view of garden


viscaya 5

Photos on right from Suitcasescholar and photo on left from Tripadvisor

Truth be told, the photos could not capture the beauty of this gorgeous estate. If you do decide to visit, I’d suggest visiting for at least half the day.  While strolling through the beautiful majestic garden, you can’t help but imagine living in a time when life was a lot more simple. While I watched my daughter and my niece run and play in the garden, I found myself transported to a time where time no longer mattered. The internet, twitter, instagram and text messages did not matter. Sometimes, we become so focused with getting things done including errands, emails, phone calls, cooking, etc. that we forget to sit still, take a deep breath and take in the beauty of life’s simple treasures.

What I discovered while visiting Deering’s estate was a happy place to unplug. A peaceful happy place sitting under the trees where I could feel the sun on my skin, the breeze tickle my ears and hear the kids play joyfully while the ocean waves beat against the rocks.

We were on-site a little over 4 hours, time flew by and we still had not walked the entire garden. I just wanted to sit under the palm trees all afternoon, sip on green tea, take in the beauty and enjoy the sunshine.  It’s an ideal location for a peaceful and relaxing picnic.


All photos taken by Jacq’s Organics LLC, unless otherwise indicated.

Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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