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Here’s my beauty tag and I now realize how my bad habit of procrastinating has really has gotten out of hand. But here it goes ladies, please excuse my tardiness. I habitually do my makeup in the car, so I carry my everyday essentials in this little bag. Since I am always on the go with an active little one, I need products that do double the work. But here’s my disclaimer when it comes to the multiple concealers in my little bag… I’m sort of obsessed. So don’t judge me. First up…

1. Tarte’s Light, camera, lashes 4-n-1 mascara.  When it comes to mascara, the more voluminous and the more darker it is, then the better it is. I really like this mascara because it really makes your eyes pop and it doesn’t clump. I truly believe that your eyes are the window to your soul and a double coat of mascara to lure one in never hurts. This mascara treats and conditions your lashes. You can’t beat that.

 2. Jacq’s Organics Carrot con Leche Face Toner. This 1 oz container doubles as a face mist, hair mist and skin mist. It’s always hot and humid in South Florida except for February (that’s our 1 month of winter), thus, staying cool and hydrated is a must. This little bottle does just that.   My hair loves the peppermint and sweet almond duo; it smells so crisp and sweet.

3. BareMineral Correcting Concealer (DARK 2) – My obsession has to be concealers. Here’s why I carry three different concealers in my makeup bag. Yes, three (I’m even a little embarrassed talking about it). Honestly, finding an all natural foundation that’s hypo-allergenic (I have extremely sensitive skin), matches my skin tone and doesn’t leave my skin looking ashy has been a struggle for me for years. One issue that women of color have is finding a foundation that matches, let alone organic or natural. Until I find “The One”, I only wear concealer. Reason 2: I love products that have multi-functional uses. I’m all able highlighting, so I will use this as a highlighter on my brow and under my eyes.  I have one concealer that is two shades lighter than my skin tone and the other is one shade lighter than my skin tone. I like the dewy effortless everyday makeup look. When I use this concealer with the Jacq’s Organics Carrot con Leche Face Serum and Carrot con Leche Face Toner together, I achieve that look. Plus, it contains SPF which is great and it doesn’t crease. Did I mention it also works great for defining your eyebrows.

 4. Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer (Deep) - so this “newbie” is a recent addition to my makeup bag. I like to use this concealer under my eyes and as a shadow. Yes, an eye shadow and just to brighten my face. It’s a cream based concealer and a little goes a long way. With oily skin, the humidity and no foundation, I need a concealer that will not crease. This does just that.

5. W3ll People Foundation Concealer (Narcissist 6) - I purchased this earlier in the year and really love the shimmer. If I need to freshen up my makeup or have a little oomph this is my go to guy. I really love to use it as a highlighter instead of a foundation or concealer.

6. Juice Beauty Defining Eyeliner contains vitamin E, coconut oil, and its mineral based. One end of the pencil is an eyeliner and the other end of the pencil is a smudge brush.

7. Jacq’s Organics Sweet Orange Shea Moisturizer as a lip moisturizer and hand moisturizer. I suffer from dry chapped lips and it’s apparently heredity (according to my husband). With a combination of the warm temperature, my lips are always chapped. I like using the Shea Coconut moisturizer on my lips because it’s crafted with coconut oil, Shea butter, vitamin E and more. The citrusy scent is so refreshing and it smells so yummy.

8. NYC Brown Eyeliner (Dark Brown) - Since my brows are a little thin this little pencil stub doubles as my eyebrow filler.

9. The concealer brush – this is actually a paint brush I purchased at Michael’s Craft store. I just love this tool and brush bristle is so soft.

10. The miniature eyebrow brush and pencil sharpener- these are basic essentials in my makeup bag.

11. Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss (Pink) contains minerals and its rich in antioxidants, a pretty pink pigment and it leaves my lips soft and glossy.

12. Pur Minerals (not pictured) 4-in-1 Pressed Minerals Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (Deeper) - almost forgot – it’s probably at the bottom of my purse somewhere. Since it’s not the right shade for my entire face I like to use this to set my concealer but only in my T-zone and its light. It has SPF, no fragrances and works great on my sensitive skin.

That’s what in my bag Sonja, and thanks for tagging me. I am tagging Ginger fromElectricblogarella, Jheanell from BelleJheanell and Aisha from Squeakycleanbeauty. Okay ladies, spill what’s in your beauty bag.


Rules of this tag are quite simple:
- tag other green beauty bloggers.
- title your post Green Beauty Product Junkie Tag.
- mention the tag started by Sonja at Life in Blush.


Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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