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Share the love this Valentine’s Day and treat your skin to a botanical skin loving face serum and & FREE 2oz Lavender Love Shea Cream Moisturizer.

Face serums are backed with antioxidants and penetrate the skin much quicker and deeper a moisturizer. Fortunately for you, we have created skin nourishing face serums that are plant based with main ingredients like Carrot root oil, Sweet almond oil and Aloe vera extract to keep your skin looking beautiful, feeling soft and supple.

An important part of any skin care regimen, in addition to cleansing and toning is moisturizing and treating your skin. We have done all the work for you with this result driven skin serum. Did you know that skin serums are highly concentrated and work much harder to seal in penetrate the skin and help restore skin cell growth.

After cleansing your skin, use Jacq’s Organics Lavender Love Face Toner to remove excess dirt and oils (this also helps balance your skin) – formulated with a base of peppermint floral water, which is refresing and contains omega-3 fatty acids that keeps skin hydrated and Lavender oil which is antifungal, antibacterial and contains power antioxidants that help fight pollutants in the air. Follow up with 2 drops of Jacq’s Organics Lavender Love Face Serum. Warm between hands and gently press into skin.

For moisture, use a pea size amount of the Lavender Love Shea Cream to seal in moisture. We love ‘s, from article on How and Why to Use a Face Serum. “The active ingredient can bring antioxidants to the skin, restore cell growth, or help decrease pore size.”

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Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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