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Expecting a baby is an exciting and wonderful time. You’re glowing, your baby is growing and you finally have a reason to eat as much as you want. Now, with that growing belly comes an itchy belly and your’e probably concerned about stretch marks and dry skin. Initially, you may run to the drug store to get a creme or butter to slather on that growing belly. As an expecting mommy, you are more aware of what it is that you are suppose to eat in terms of more fruit, more vegetables and drinking a lot of water. But you must also become aware of what it is you are putting on your skin and how to care for your skin.


“Because some topical ingredients get absorbed into the bloodstream, there are some you want to avoid,” adds Leslie Baumann, a professor of dermatology at the University of Miami and author of The Skin Type Solution. Since you are now hosting a safe place for your growing baby, you want to make sure that nothing enters into your bloodstream that may cause harm to you or your unborn baby. Especially toxic ingredients!




There are a list of ingredients that expecting mommies must avoid. Many of these ingredients may be found in your everyday beauty products including face oils, cleansers, toners and lotions. According to doctors,  long term use may cause birth defects and various pregnancy complications. So, it’s best to avoid these ingredients during pregnancy.

1. Salicylic acid  (BHA or beta hydroxy acid) – this mild acid is primarily found in topical face and skin care products to aide acne or other skin conditions. Also found in aspirin, this acid is advised not to be taken during pregnancy as it may cause complications. However, if you are dealing with pregnancy acne speak to your physician and dermatologist about prescribing a safe dose of the acid that will not effect your growing baby.

2. Parabens (All kinds) – This preservative is very popular and can be found in just about everything including skincare and hair products, food and more. Researchers have found that parabens have been linked to cancer and may effect a growing unborn baby.

3. Retinol A – A form of Vitamin A primarily used to treat acne, wrinkles, dark spots and many more skin concerns. According to some research, high doses of Vitamin A is not safe for an unborn baby.

4. Phthalates (DBP (dibutyl phathalate) -  a common ingredient found in fragrances, nail polishes, cleansers, toners and hair care products. This ingredient has been found to disrupt hormonal systems and cause long term effect in unborn enfants; especially baby boys. To learn more click here to link to


Since many women have sensitive skin during pregnancy, many may develop reactions to their everyday products due to the hormonal changes in their body but…

To be continued…

Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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