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For centuries, Aloe vera has been used for treating skin conditions mainly because of its amazing healing properties. According to Healing Wonders of Herbs by Nurse Herminia de Guzman-Ladion, Aloe is antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. That explains why aloe vera is used in each and every Jacq’s Organics product. This multi-healing plant has amazing moisturizing properties.


Did you know aloe penetrates the skin 7 layers deeper than water does? Known to treat burns, acne, skin irritations, and sunburns this super succulent herb is rich in amino acids (great for keeping skin looking healthy and firm) and vitamin A, C, F, and B.


Acne:  Aloe vera’s anti-bacterial properties reduce acne and help in preventing recurrences.

Redness: Skin redness can be because of a variety of factors. It can be because of sensitivity, due to an allergy or a reaction to any toxins in our body or to any medication. Aloe vera reduces this redness effectively.

Dryness: Dryness can again be due to a variety of factors. It can be due to winter or summer, it can occur when you are exposed to the wind. It can also occur when there are some other factors involved. Dryness is mainly lack of moisture. Aloe vera is very hydrating and restores the moisture in the skin.

Sunburn: In summers, sunburns are a major problem. Even though we use many sun blocks and sun screens, the sun always gets its way. Aloe vera is an excellent cooling agent. It can be used as a gel or as a spray on. An aloe vera bath also helps.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation can occur due to many reasons. The skin produces either less or more melanin, this can even be genetic. Aloe vera can help in reducing and eliminating minor pigmentation problems. Aloe vera’s active ingredients work to improve the skin’s production of natural chemicals.

Brightens it up: Aloe vera is a known skin brightening agent. It helps in brightening the skin by removing the dead cells and rejuvenating the skin cells.

Oily skin: Aloe vera is a gel. It checks oil and at the same time moisturizes your skin.

Although aloe vera is useful in many ways it is always useful to check with your physician before starting to use aloe vera.


If you are looking for some moisture try Jacq’s Organics Shea Butter Cream.

Formulated with Aloe vera and the powerful vitamin E known to aide dry skin, improve skin elasticity and fights the signs of aging.



Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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