4 Ways to Embrace Your Beauty This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed! But unfortunately, even amidst all the magic, the holidays can bring out those good ol’ insecurities. Suddenly, we find ourselves picking apart our bodies, neglecting our self-care practice and feeling rather dull. 
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In the meantime, here are 4 simple practices that will help you rock your inner beauty all winter long, and leave you feeling fabulous this season.



Often times when we look in the mirror, we cringe or pick out what we don’t like about our body. This season, take some time to honor & appreciate your body for all it does for you. Try repeating this affirmation while looking in the mirror, “I view my ‘imperfections as special gifts that make me beautiful, and radiate beauty from the inside & out.”



It’s time to clean up your beauty routine! Far too many products are loaded with toxins and harmful chemicals, making them a no-no when it comes to your personal skincare routine. Fortunately, Jacq’s Organics is stocked to the max with high-quality, vegan-based products – making for perfect stocking stuffers for yourself or a friend! My favorites are the Green Smoothie Masque & Scrub and Lavender Love Shea Moisturizer.



Far too often we overthink what we eat, without giving much thought to how it makes us feel. Take some time to listen to your body, and think about which foods make you feel beautiful, radiant and alive. Also consider those that leave you feeling dull, tired or uncomfortable. Strive to load up on the foods that make you glow, and you’ll feel more beautiful inside & out in no time. Plus your body will thank you too!



Spend some time to get up close & personal with your journal! A journal can serve as a very powerful tool, especially when you’re not feeling up to snuff. Cozy up with your favorite journal, and write about which body part you find most beautiful & why. You’ll be amazed by what comes out on paper!


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Rachel Kaczynski is a Certified Health Coach, freelance writer, and founder of Healthy Chicks, a wellness blog inspiring women in their 20s to live happier, healthier, more vibrant lives (without dieting). 

Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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