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June 07, 2017 1 Comment


Photo by Jacq's Organics


Summer is officially here! That means sunny hot days, fruit cocktails, short shorts and an updated skin care routine to help reflect the weather. That's why we're talking all things clay, muds and minerals.

Did you know that clays are extremely healing and electromagnetic. Formed by soil sendiments, oxygen, water and hydrothermal alteration of rocks the mineral in clays are naturally rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and silica. Each work together to draw out impurities, refine fine line, wrinkles and leave skin rejuvenated.

Photo by Jacq's Organics


Considered noncomedoegenic raw material, clays have been used for centuries for healing. For centuries, indigenous people have been known to ingest bentonite clay to help regulate bowels.  Clays vary in color from white, red, pink, gray, blue, brown and even green and can be found all over the globe. With the porous ability to highly absorb both oils and water this helps to create the gelatinous texture when wet. A little known fact is that most clays contain silica which is hypoallergenic and help to regulate oil production.

So what makes clay's so special? Well, if you have oily and acneic skin, looking to get rid of excess oils, unclog your pores, reduce redness an issue with blemishes on skin and reduce the appearance of large pores then mineral rich clays are the way to go. The molecular structure of clays has the amazing ability to electronically charge once hydrated making it into a gelatinous porous sponge when place on the skin and in hair. Plus, it's filled with protein, minerals and nutrient like magnesium, iodine, iron, potassium, calcium and vitamin B that help to regulate skin cell production, support healthy cell regeneration, collagen formation and promotes skin elasticity.

We're a big fan of clays, which is why we have two different clays in our Green Smoothie Face Scrub & Masque including rhassoul and bentonite. Clays have been commonly used in the cosmetic industry for years as stabilizers and thickeners that help contribute to the feel and texture of a product. It's potent and has positive effects on the skin that will make you very happy.

With summer in full swing, there are many ways we put stress on our skin including self tanning, forgetting to putting on sunscreen and even going to bed with out cleansing your face. Plus, there's the everyday stress including deadlines, work, oh yeah kids, traffic and the beau. Treat yourself to a weekly at home facial that helps to remove dead skin, draw out pimples, nasty impurities and absorb excess sebum for a smoother even clearer can sign me up for that!

Clays are just as effective as face peels without the harsh burning results. Exfoliating once a week also helps stimulate blood flow and makes it easier for skin to absorb moisturizers and treatment. Which is why your skin glows after using our Green Smoothie Face Masque & Scrub. Did you know you can add a bit of our Green Smoothie Face Masque to your daily face cleanser to reduce redness and discoloration.

Here's to happy healthy skin.

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Claire H.
Claire H.

August 31, 2015

Didn’t realize clays were so useful. Received my Green Smoothie Clay in Petit Vour Box last month and I’m in love. My skin is so soft and clear.

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