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Say hello to Kelly Ross, founder and creator of Kloverbox, a consciously curated beauty box filled with some of the best natural and organic beauty, lifestyle and home products that are all cruelty-free. Buzzfeed mentioned Kloverbox as one of the top 23 subscription boxes to give your mom and here's why...

Kloverbox has been around for only a year, and this carefully curated green box is already a cult favorite among beauty junkies, cool hip modern moms and new greenies looking to discover green environmentally-safe products. This month our Fancy Detox Cleansing Bar debuted in Kloverbox's August Box with the theme of Detox and Diminish. The focus is all about detoxifying the skin and body using activated charcoal. We are super excited to have such an amazing partnership. To learn more about Kloverbox and why Kelly launched it. Check out the interview below.

  1.Tell us why you started Kloverbox? 

Necessity is truly the mother of invention and luckily, I didn’t have to invent anything. Kloverbox was born out of need! A couple years ago I started an all-out-search for green beauty and organic skincare, only to find these products were obsolete in the brick and mortar stores. The subscription box industry has revolutionized how we discover new products. I think Kloverbox has shaken up the box world a little bit! Kloverbox partners with each brand directly to offer generous or full size products and pairs that with exclusive coupon codes to send each subscriber right back to our amazing partners! 

    2.  How did you come up with the name Kloverbox?

Interesting you should ask! Not many people know Klover is from the first initial of my first name – K, and the first initial of my last name – R with LOVE in the middle! K  LOVE  R - I put love in every box and it’s fitting that clovers are green and natural.

   3.  What's the most challenging part about curating a green beauty box that women will love?

The Kloverbox mission is to replace every product you use with a conscious alternative. Kloverbox is not just about beauty and skincare, I love to include lifestyle, healthy home and organic nutrition. Curating a box that has a theme or feels like the brands complement each other is very important. The challenging part is finding partners with unique products not seen in other subscription services.  

  4. As consumers, what we purchase impacts both our health and our environment. What is your advice to consumers on purchasing beauty products?

I believe that statement with all of my being, we make an impact whether we realize it or not with every product we choose to purchase. The best advice is look at the ingredients and ask if the product has a shelf life. If you’re shopping for natural products, the website should let you know how long the product should last. On average, the products in Kloverbox have a 7-12 month shelf life.

 5.  You're a mom and business owner. How do you find your balance with work, home and family? 

Great question! I will be honest, it’s hard! I think people obsess too much about balance; it is extremely hard to maintain. I am a list maker and I give my full attention to immediate priorities, if that means scheduling a call with an upcoming brand or taking my kids to school, I do what needs to get done!

 6. What are your 3 must-have beauty products?

I have a very simple skin regiment, which makes this question pretty easy, but it is very unfair to make me pick just three! I can’t live without my multi-tasking face oil; I use it for everything, a moisturizer, makeup remover, grooming brows, a makeup primer and a light buffer for face masks. Next would be a spa-grade body scrub, I like heavy-duty exfoliating scrubs that creates a lather when applied and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Lastly, I love a great mascara! I’ve used the same brand for a very long time and if they discontinue the product I will probably cry! 

If you haven't had a chance to subscribe to Kloverbox, then you're super late. Head over to to get your personalized monthly beauty box.

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Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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Tammy P.
Tammy P.

August 31, 2015

I love Kloverbox. I introduced it to all my girlfriends and they love it as well. Great to see the beauty and brains behind the brand.

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