Family Fun Time | DIY Toilet Paper Tube Animals

Sundays in our home is all about family time, crafts and imagination. Each week we come with creative, fun  and uninterrupted time including no television, no social media and no cell phones. We came up with the idea to create Mr. Parrot, Ms. Owl and Mr. and Mrs. Cat for a DIY puppet theater we created for story time. So, let's get started.


  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Markers - We're using what we have on hand 
  • Color pencils

  1. Stand the tube up and fold down the top on one side. Repeat and push down the top of the toilet paper on the other side to form the ears. You may cut the top off to form the ears as an option. 
  2. Use your imagination. Draw your animal character. We drew a different animal on each side of the paper. For example, we made Ms. Owl, Mr. Parrot, Mr and Mrs. Kitty.

You are all done! You now have recycled animal characters for you and your little one to make memories with. Create a fun story together.Tag #jacqsorganics if you create your Toilet Tube Animal and share your creation.


Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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Stephanie P
Stephanie P

September 13, 2015

Just did this craft with my kids and they loved creating the characters.

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