7 Tips of Self Care

 We are taking self-care. What is self-care really? Self-care is taking care of yourself. The truth is self-care doesn't have to take up too much time and doesn't really require much time or effort. 

When we neglect ourselves it leads to problems including stress, being overworked, burnt out, sleep deprivation, poor work performance and may eventually lead to depression, high blood pressure, and sickness.

So, we're sharing easy tips to help you slow down with our 7 tips of self-care tips.

1. Connect with nature.

2. Ditch the toxic habits and products.

3. Eat Pretty.

4. Exercise.

5. Love Yourself

6. Embrace Positivity 


7. Rest

Money won't make you happy, but connecting with nature will! That may be a joke, but these simple rituals are really grounding and relaxing. Go bare feet, lay in the grass, take a swim in the ocean and get your toes dirty. 

The point is to slow down, listen to your body, enjoy life, have fun. I encourage you to try these tips for 7 days. 

Let me know what are some of your favorite self-care rituals.

Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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