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Never heard of vetiver? Here's why it's awesome!

Vetiver is a woodsy, sweet and smoky fragrant essential oil. Freshly picked on the tropical island of Haiti this oil is extracted through steam distillation. Just imagine really tall grass with deep roots that grow any where from 2-4 m. deep into the ground. The roots grow so deep into the ground that it actually helps to prevent soil erosion. Talk about plant goodness!

In most recent years, this oil has been used an antiseptic primarily in cosmetic products to help cure sores and acne. Because of the sweet, earthy smoky aroma it's an ideal oil that has calming aroma with therapeutic properties. Some cultures believe that the vetiver oil works great for insomnia or helping a busy mind to focus. If consumed, the oil can be used as a tonic or stimulant. 

In honor of our love for the hypnotic and therapeutic oil, this week when you purchase our full-sized La Lune Candle you will receive a mini-sized Vanilla + Vetiver Hand & Body cleanser (that's a $40 value, but for you $22).

The sale starts today through Sunday, October 25th. Why, you might ask? Well, our La Lune candle contains Haitian vetiver and it's a key ingredient. The candle is made with hand-poured organic soy wax and our in-house blend of organic and natural essential oils including geranium, ginger and juniper. You can see the blend of activated charcoal and soy wax to achieve the awesome black candle. No wonder why it's becoming one of our best sellers.

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Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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