B.I.G. SERIES: Jennifer Racioppi

" There’s an internal waning and waxing that directs our intuitive knowing and the sequencing of our lives.  When we tap into this, and really flow with it, we open up to our feminine power in a major way."


I get to meet women from a diverse background living boldly and changing the stereo-typically norms in how they achieved success despite the obstacles they've endured. In 2016, we are launching the B.I.G. Series a series of interviews highlighting innovative and bold women that include articles and photos stories on their journey and their beauty rituals.

First up is Jennifer Racioppi, a health and success coach guiding women on how to to gain clarity, understand the importance in listening to their body and using their inner voice to find their power to help overcome setbacks and obstacles to succeed in both their personal and professional life. Let's get started. 

  • Smoothie, tea or coffee girl? All three :) 
  • Favorite beauty ritual? I love doing face masks.  One to two times a week I allow myself to relax with a luxurious face treatment.  After doing so I always feel like I’ve taken care of myself in a way that feels great.
  • Favorite guilty pleasure? I have a few guilty pleasures… I am a rock and roll girl.  To that end, I love going out to see live music. There’s nothing better to me that killer music and a night out. When staying at home my pleasure includes watching netflix and amazon video originals. I am obsessed. There is something so creative in these new video ventures that I’m loving.  Plus, you can watch multiple episodes in one sitting. To make it all the more luxurious popcorn is a must!
  • Flats or heels? As a woman who’s only five feet tall, my answer probably should be heels, but I am a total flats girl. 

What started it all? I suffered as a teenager from really difficult menstrual cycles.  By the time I turned twenty I survived gynecological cancer. This launched me on a journey to find great health.

Can you talk about your journey waking up in the hospital, where you are now and the 3 lessons that you learned from the journey.

Sure.  My journey with cancer began in 1997, so that was a very long time ago. However, I will always remember the day I woke up in the hospital after my radical hysterectomy and itchy from morphine.  My doctor entered my room to give me my first dose of estrogen replacement, and instructed me that I will need to take it every single day for the next 30 years.

Woah. It took me a couple of years to really understand the side effects of this surgery. While my immediate infertility was obvious, I didn’t understand that the night of my hysterectomy I went from being a 19 year old girl into a post menopausal woman.  And I certainly wasn’t prepared for the vast array of symptoms I went through thereafter. 18 years later, I am loving life, feeling super healthy and so grateful for my journey-- even though my journey has been so ridiculously rough.  

3 lessons I learned are to be first and foremost be your own expert. When I was growing up I knew things weren’t right with my reproductive system. I constantly went to the doctor asking for help and was consistently told I was a normal girl with normal hormonal balances and was prescribed birth control.  My body did not do well on the pill.  And yet, I was constantly prescribed different versions of it to see if my symptoms would get better.  It wasn’t until I received my first cancer diagnosis that my symptoms were taken seriously.  This taught me a huge lesson… To always be my own expert first.  Nobody knows you better than you.  Trust yourself.

The next big lesson I learned was to take risks.  After my hysterectomy, my body went fully into shock.  Nothing in my life felt normal.  I felt like a shell of my former self, and I didn’t know who I was, let alone how to live.  I found myself slipping into deep clinical depression. Fortunately though my spirit of adventure took over and I found myself traveling.

It started with a trip to Africa, then another to Europe. After both of those trips, I moved across the country to relocate in California where I lived for 7 years. I fully engaged outdoor activities, like swimming in the ocean, snowboarding, and hiking. I followed my bliss and this led to deep revelations and ultimately profound healing.  Moving and travelling meant taking risks. Learning how to be comfortable in the midst of everything feeling so uncomfortable led me to new frontiers and beginnings.

Finally by learning to trust myself and allowing myself to take risks  I found ease in following the natural rhythms of life.  By engaging in authentic behaviors that resonated deeply with my soul and that challenged me profoundly I found and even deeper trust in myself and in my life.  Finding this trust has been my deepest healing yet. I let things be natural and tuned into natural rhythms and cycles even more.

  • Let talk the RHYTHM of success and living the RHYTHM. Can you discuss the connection between women's health, your success coaching and strategizing personal success with the stars.
  • As women we are connected to the natural hormonal rhythms of our body. When we tune into them, and leverage them, they guide our lives. There’s an internal waning and waxing that directs our intuitive knowing and the sequencing of our lives.  

    When we tap into this, and really flow with it, we open up to our feminine power in a major way. I’ve learned through my health crisis and my professional life, that ignoring these rhythms as women not only dis-empowers us, but also complicates our ability to make progress in the external world too.  

    To that end, my coaching philosophy combines women’s health practices, positive psychology, success coaching with astrology… I believe all of these things are fundamentally connected.  By looking at the full system of our body, in conjunction with amplifying our natural strengths, while simultaneously living in sync with our spiritual purpose and the cosmos, not only do we achieve more substantially in the world, but we build our resilience too.  Building our resilience is key to making our dreams come true.  

    Our resilience is what allows us to deal with the many challenges of life without backing down or running away.  It’s the most essential piece of create success.  As women, our resilience is deeply influenced by our hormonal health.  So we can’t ignore it.    Further, we can’t stop there either.   

    Stepping into our power means, trusting ourselves to be our experts, learning how to take risks and simultaneously letting things flow naturally too.  My coaching philosophy embodies the very components that helped me heal my life after cancer.

  • Since we’re on the topic of strategizing with the stars, understanding health and taking care of yourself. What are some ways you can suggest to care of oneself using the teaching of the stars, the moon and astrology.

  • One of my most favorite things to recommend to women is to start to honor the phases of the moon.  

    To begin doing this, you want to get a calendar that tells you when the new and full moons are.  New moons are beautiful times to do very yin, nurturing, activities.  A good example of this is to carve out an hour or two on the new moon to take a bath with some luxurious salts.  Then treat yourself to an awesome face mask and body oils. Once your are all done bathing and luxuriating, bust out your journal and ask yourself some really deep questions about what is going on in your life.  What is it you most desire?  Journal it out.  Flesh out your vision of what you want to see happen in your life.

    Then ask yourself, what do I need to do to make this vision a reality? Make a commitment to bringing your vision to a reality by deciding to take action on your dream.  Use the two weeks between the new and full moon to take action on behalf of your dreams.  Come the full moon, repeat this ritual exactly, but instead of asking yourself what do you want to bring into your life, ask yourself what you want to let go of.

    For the two weeks between the full moon and the new moon focusing on releasing what’s not in alignment with where you intend on heading.  Use that time to contemplate the deeper more spiritual side of who you are! Repeat this cycle three times and see what happens in your life!

  • What next for you? What can we expect from Jennifer in 2016?

  • I am so excited for 2016… I am releasing a whole new website and programs around a concept I’ve developed called Lunar Logic.  I couldn’t be more excited.  Stay tuned!

    Barbara Jacques
    Barbara Jacques


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