Tips To Achieve Clear Complexion

 Are you still trying to cover up your blemishes, hyper-pigmentation marks with heavy makeup and concealer. I've come up with my fail-proof tips on how to achieve clear complexion.

1. Oil Cleansing - The method of using oils to cleanse, purify and heal your skin. Opt for light oils that work to cleanse the skin naturally like a small amount of castor oil (cleansing oil) + safflower oil (rich in omega-fatty acids, linoleic acid that work to unclog pores and encourage skin cell regeneration). It also doubles as a makeup remover.

2. Eat clean - With your skin being the largest organ in the body, what you eat reflects on your skin. So, skip and minimize eating fried food, process meats, excess amount of dairy and sugar.  Opt for more fresh fruits, raw vegetables, leafy green salads, nuts and green smoothie drinks. A great book that goes more in detail about connection between food and skin is by my gal pal Jolene Hart called Eat Pretty

3. Clean Make-up Brushes - Dirty makeup brushes + your face = buildup of dirt and oils. It's a breeding ground for bacteria, clogged pores and blemishes.So be sure to clean your brushes once a week.

4. Get active - I'm a firm believer that living a healthy lifestyle contributes to healthy glowing happy skin. Getting active helps reduce stress, release endorphin's and release toxins out of the body. Go for a run, ride a bike, do power yoga, heck, climb a tree. Whatever you do stay active and sweat. Your body and you skin will thank you.

Our clear skin companions

5. Healthy-skin food. If you are feeding your skin toxin-filled ingredients that block moisture, clog pores then it's a never ending struggle to fix a problem that you are only aiding. Avoid ingredients like parabens, silicone, petroleum, phthalates just to name a few. These preservatives or cheap fillers ingredients are in just about every mainstream cosmetic product that claim to help the cause but in actuality they clog pores, block moisture and force your skin to work twice as hard to process the chemicals out of your body. Try using products that work to help to resolve the problem and allow your skin to breathe like our Carrot Seed Face Serum formulated with a light oils that your skin will absorb filled with potent ingredients that encourage cell regeneration, feed your skin nutrients like beta-carotene, zinc vitamin A, K AND E. The combination of the ingredients work to naturally lighten dark spot and feed your skin while it's repairing. Paired with our Green Smoothie Face Scrub & Masque that's formulated to draw out dirt, oils and impurities from the skin and gently remove dead skin on the top layer of the skin. The tamanu + rosemary oil feed the skin the proper amount of nutrients need to heal the skin from the outside in.

6. Drink water. If your skin isn't getting the right amount of hydration your skin it becomes apparent through dry skin, discoloration, wrinkles and flaky. To maintain a healthy radiant complexion drink water period.

To help get you started on the clear complexion journey when you purchase $50 or more you receive a gift with purchase. Receive a 1oz Green Smoothie Face Scrub & Masque when you purchase $50 or more.

 If any of these tips were helpful. Leave a comment below. Our if you have your own tips on how to maintain a clear healthy complexion. Leave a comment as well. 

Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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Lunie B
Lunie B

March 02, 2016

I love your tips, thanks for sharing!

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