Kristen Arnett’s Best-Of Beauty Award

Kristen Arnett, a leading expert and influencer in the natural beauty world, has created a list of her hand selected Best-of Beauty Award. It's an incredible list of 95 natural and organic cosmetic brands that she reveiwed, tested and researched to award... and guess who's included in the list - We are! That's right. Our Green Smoothie Face Scrub and Masque won Best Detoxifying Mask.

To start all the brands had to pass the ingredient test. As The Green Beauty Team calls it no “Major Offenders” from their extended list of their Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics was allowed. Each product had to meet their ethical standards of being cruelty-free and finally each were tested by her and other holistic professionals in the industry.

Needless to say, we are ecstatic and honored to have been recognized. Our fabulous Green Smoothie Face Scrub & Masque has won an award for the inaugural Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team Best-Of Beauty Awards! For more information on the list please visit the Green Beauty Team and check us out all the winners:




Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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