Square 2016 Brassys Business Award

adj. : Shamelessly bold
Square created The Brassys to recognize and acknowledge small business owners that are brave, bold and have stories that stand out. To reward the hard-working entrepreneurs they created The BRASSYs an awards program. Five BRASSY winners will receive mentorship from business luminaries at a special one-day Seller Summit, a $10,000 cash prize, Square hardware, and more.
Guess what? We are one of the 35 finalists. What's next you ask? We're waiting for the judges to make the final decision on who will be the final 5... dun. dun. dun.
We just ask for you to send some positive juju our way. Also, a special thank you for your support. Fingers crossed!
Team Jacq's Organics.

Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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