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We are always on the go, whether we’re traveling the globe or just running some errands around town. When we’re always on the go, we might end up feeling like we need a little refresher in the middle of the day or even mid-flight we come up with a list of our favorite products in travel sizes!

When traveling you always want to feel like you are put together and dry chapped lips is never a cute look. One of our favorite and simplest travel items would be our fruit lip balms! With sweet flavors like Green Tea & Acai Berries, Passion Fruit Cocktail, and Almond Honey, you will just want to apply them every 10 seconds! Lip balms are perfect to instantly restore some moisture to your lips. I must admit my favorite go lip balm has to be our Passion Fruit Cocktail Lip Balm. Each one is enriched with shea butter, which is loaded with antioxidants in order to keep your lips from cracking! Plus, the cupuacu butter helps keep your lip soft and supple all day. This product will take all of 3 seconds to apply.


My other favorite go to travel item includes Schmidt's Lavender and Sage Deodorant, this natural deo holds and protects you just like the conventional one without the harsh chemicals. The combination of lavender and sage is the perfect sweet and delicately blend. Perfect for long airplane rides, laying in the sand or even long business meetings, unlike some natural deodorant you'll stay fresh and dry all day.

The secret to travel beauty is multi-tasking products that streamline what you need to carry, and are designed to take a little space as possible. For me, these products include our Carrot Seed Face Toner, Organic Bath Co. Zesty Morning Sugar Scrub and Sweet Orange Face Serum.

The Carrot Seed Face Toner is enriched with a delicious peppermint hydrosol making it perfect for a mid-day makeup or skin refresher or body mist. The peppermint is cool and refreshing. The Organic Bath Co.'s 2.6oz Zesty Morning Scrub doubles as lip scrub in addition to a body scrub. 

Need a face moisturizer? We have a travel-sized serum available in Carrot Seed and Sweet Orange scents! But our Sweet Orange Face Serum sweet citrusy scent is the perfect morning pick me up. By applying just a few drops to your skin, your skin will feel softer to the touch! This little product is loaded with aloe vera extract and hemp seed oil, which work together to promote collagen growth, reduce blackheads, and overall improve your complexion. You can vastly improve the health of your skin by keeping this little bottle in your purse. After apply the serum onto your skin and a couple drops to the ends of your hair. Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

Did we mention our Rosemary & Lime Face Cleanser that's now available in 2oz. You can now travel in with your favorite face cleanser while you travel. e take this everywhere we go, and use it daily.

We even carry our Green Smoothie Face Masque and Scrub, other moisturizers, and more in travel sizes. Who says you have to go to a spa to receive a high quality beauty day! You can basically have a mini-spa in your purse, and we think that’s pretty great. Travel sized products are space savers, easy to use, and always seem to come in handy. We couldn’t live without them. So for all you beauty lovers who are constantly on the go, we definitely recommend these products for you. We promise you won’t be sorry!


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Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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