Our Story


Jacq's Organics is an all-natural plant based skin, bath and body care line designed for a growing modern family. Our collection is created out of love, courage and determination to be the change in a marketplace of non-environmentally conscious products. Sourcing ingredients from local farmers, using raw unrefined ingredients and personally making each product in small batches is a how we seek to be the change.  As a result, our products contain pure rich healing nutrients and vitamins that are free of synthetics fillers, harsh preservatives or toxic additives. 


I was encouraged by my husband James to create Jacq's Organics when he saw my passion and drive to create bath products for our family in our kitchen. When James and I learned we were expecting our daughter, like most couples expecting their first child we were elated and excited to hear the news; however, I soon discovered that I had an ovarian tumor.  


Determined not to allow the news to take our joy we decided to live our life and stay positive. Excited about the birth of our new baby, I wanted to learn everything I could about caring for our bundle of joy and my growing tumor. Driven by knowledge, I discovered the many environmental toxins used in baby bath and beauty products; I saw a need for products that were all natural, organic, family-friendly, environmentally safe and skin moisturizing. 

Empowered by love and curiosity, my passion was fueled the more and more I learned. Within that year, I not only gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl we launched Jacq’s Organics. I take pride in focusing on formulas that are result-driven, sourcing safe plant-based preservatives to create products that are family-friendly.

  Jacq's Organics has since expanded into a studio in Florida.

Committed to labeling standards, quality control, sustainable packaging and supporting charities we strive to be transparent as possible. We believe in creating high quality products using raw ingredients including both therapeutic and medicinal herbs, plant oils and flowers. We are proud to be a Green America Certified Business that ensures we don't just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk. 


 Jacq's Organics is also certified cruelty-free by PETA. We love mother Earth, we strive to take care of the environment and every living being that lives on the planet including cute fury animals. We've pledged not to test on animals and we've also taken a to create honest safe skin and bath products.That is why you will never find parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes or synthetic fragrances in our skincare. We take the initiative, time and energy to voluntarily prove our products are made with quality and integrity. We welcome you to review our product ratings in the Skin Deep Database, created by researchers from Environmental Working Group.

 Our mission is pretty simple. To promote and encourage a healthy alternative that everyone in a family can love and enjoy. I’d like to think that what we do best is help keep families together and remind them about what’s important. What better way to unwind from a long hectic day than by taking a relaxing shower with an decadent herbaceous soap created to wash away the day, instead of walking around the house grumpy and irritated? When it’s bath time for the kids, parents can spend quality time and reconnect with their baby or toddlers with splashing and laughter with our soft bubble producing bath bars. Right before dinner, you can light one of our candles to help relieve stress and set the tone for the evening. Or when an expecting mom has an itchy belly, her significant other can help rub some carefully formulated belly oil on her tummy and both parents can connect and have a lasting memory.